Fatah Daudpoto Prof. Dr.



University of Art and Culture, Jamshoro Bill, 2017 having been passed by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh on 17th April, 2018 and assented to by the Governor Sindh on 12th May, 2018 and published as an Act of Legislature of SINDH ACT NO.XVI OF 2018. University of Art and Culture, Jamshoro is a non-profitable venture of Pakistan Workers Institute; which is a non-commercial and non-profitable organization, registered under societies Registration Act XXI of 1860; to cater the technical aspects of education in the fields of art, craft, design, architecture, theatre, film, research and trainings in various trades.

University of Art and Culture aims to create a community for the development in the country through participation of skilled human resource. Art is a comprehensive creative process, an expression of human values, which is involved at every step of human development. The students of University of Art and Culture gains an intellectual knowledge in the discipline of art and design, technology and trades of the market. University of Art and Culture is committed to raise the bar of quality in the trades through trainings with collaboration of other government, semi-government and private organization with similar aims and objects. UNIVERSITY’s commitment to excellence is evident in our high quality academic programs, trainings, faculty development initiatives and growing ventures with acclaimed national and international institutions.

The environment at University of Art and Culture is based on the approach of humanism, without boundaries of gender, color, cast, creed and class. Goal is to develop an intellectual growth in society, human works, designs innovation and products to build the capacity of creative people, hard workers and responsible as solution provider in this changing world. University’s working environment should be based on equal opportunities. Religion, race, caste, creed, age ethnicity, language, color and class do not have any importance. All souls will be treated on same level in University and only those will be respected within us who prove their high moral values and commitment with their studies. Students will be provided a detailed orientation to get started with their studies at University with best environment; regularly and consistently.