Department of Textile Art

The textiles are most mandatory commodity of the human life. The most attractive and dynamic textile design program aims to develop individual artistic skills along with meeting the industrial demands globally. The program encourages the students to explore various dimensions of textile applications for certain target groups. Students are exposed to both conceptual & technical aspects of textile design. This helps them to recognize fabric qualities, use of appropriate fibers, yarns, constructions, ornaments and special surface finishes to develop various fabrics in relating to final products. The four year degree offers specialization in either home or apparel design. Students get opportunity to learn skills like weaving, knitting, printing and special finishing. They work directly in the labs on campus that are equipped with the latest tools and Industrial machinery. They are also exposed to specialized fields i.e. textile marketing & merchandizing, textile pricing & costing.

University encourages both faculty and students to attend international training programs. Students securing high grades will be sent to attend workshops that are held at affiliated institutes worldwide along with their teachers. University recognizes the importance of work, experience and job placements as a key for shaping the future career of students. The textile design program prepares its students for diverse career opportunities in the growing Textile Industry. Our graduates will be hired straight from the thesis degree show. They take jobs in the design houses, export houses, textile manufactures, and the retail world.

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