Department of Media Art

Probably at no time in history has access to, and proficiency with digital media and information technologies been more important in the public mind, nor more critical to policy making and teaching in the universities than the present. Nor at any time in the recent past have the nation’s press, media, and information sectors been the object of as much intense public concern or scrutiny with a growing recognition of their unmatched importance in the conduct of our daily lives. Never before have the once separate worlds of news, stored knowledge, and the products of the mass media and entertainment industries converged locally, nationally, and globally, with even greater convergence certain to take place in the years ahead.

The Digital & Cinematic Arts degree programs recognize that both creators and citizens bear responsibility for the quality and impact of media and that in contemporary society, research and teaching of Current advancement in the digital & cinematic arts industry in Pakistan where all manners of private television and cable channels and alternative media is flooding people with information, giving rise to questions such as “is media communication simultaneously developing its capacity of objectivity, fairness and impartiality”? How do we promote the values of peace and tolerance in an age of media/ communication abundance? How do we fill the gaps in entertainment industry? These will be the main challenges facing the local media in the months and years ahead. To answer all these questions and fulfill the requirements of the industry, both intellectually and technically at this juncture of time, Digital & Cinematic Arts education has become indispensable. This school will equip the Pakistani youth to become a part of the rapidly growing entertainment and media communication industry.

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