Foundation Year

In the foundation year, the master-artist of either a traditional or classical practice, and conducts and evaluates workshops and seminar classes conducted in the karkhana style. The usual teaching system will be adopted as period wise but some courses can be taught in block system also. Daily Studio Practice Assessment At the end of every studio class session, the merits of the work is discussed jointly to review each student’s work. Class participation is encouraged and key for developing confidence in speaking about work. Mid Semester Assessment with Group Tutorial Mid semester Group Tutorial is the discussion of each student’s work in class, led by the tutor. This assessment is set by the course tutor and may include a project and/or a written component. Mid Semester Assessment with Studio Critique Studio Critique is a critical evaluation of a student’s work, conducted by internal and external tutors together with participation by fellow classmates. In preparation for this assessment, students are expected to present their work in a considered manner as exhibition and display. Presentation skills also contribute to the reception and assessment of the work. End of Semester Essay Each student will submit an essay of three thousand words for particular theory based courses. Portfolio The portfolio is an accumulated body of work, produced over the duration of the first year foundation course that maps the intellectual and artistic development of a student in the year. The portfolio showcases the successful completion of the intellectual and artistic growth of promoted student, and is a significant component of the final assessment of skill development, conceptual learning and development of behavior of a student in one year in the University.