Department of Architecture

Pakistan is a country with high level of historical background of the art of architecture. Mohen Jo Darro, Harappa and Mehar Garh are the main sites which witnesses the town planning centuries ago in this region. Presently growth of population and rapidly expanding of cities and towns in Pakistan are in need for professionals in building and housing sector. The issues of sustainability, climatic performance and cultural relevance of architecture are mostly ignored in schools, colleges and Universities of the country. Therefore the issues of architecture can only be resolved through the formation of a curriculum with a specific focus on art and culture of the region. Further an important aspect of architecture is Interior design which is a specialized field and an emerging profession in Pakistan. The increasing demand is brought by the flourishing corporate sector and a growing awareness in the residential and commercial sectors.

In this connection there is a big shortage of architects and interior design professionals in the market wherein this gap has been filled by unqualified and unaesthetic persons and professionals.

The fields of designs are closely linked with field of architecture and interior design and form an essential component of our living environment. The areas of design related with architecture include furniture design, product design, lighting design and landscape design. In order to resolve a design exercise in a comprehensive manner, it is absolutely essential to include the above stated fields of design in the curriculum of the Department of Architecture.

The UAC cater the market oriented subjects to its students with an orientation of regional cultures, indigenous material, and folk wisdom along with scientific approach of contemporary times.

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