Department of Fine Arts

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Painting – Miniature Painting – Sculpture – Printmaking
The academic structure and curriculum of Bachelors of Fine Art is integrated in the way that it is set and taught with given choice to select elective courses offered across the other departments. The academic structure and curriculum are set between 124-140 credits as per Higher Education Commission’s guidelines wherein a framework between 51-63 credits must be assigned for a major course. The first year courses will be taught as a foundation year for total intake of students further second year will be catered as initial development in various fields of the art wherein the academic system in third year will be imparted as specialized fields. Further the senior students at fourth year will be guided by personal tutors to construct their degree program in a way which they best suited for their academic interest. The course structure is grounded in the principle of technical mastery and painterly quality in at least one artistic discipline or medium.

The success key to his or her overall excellence as an artist must be their skills and conceptual dealing with the ideas they think and intended to express. Our students through the process of teaching and learning will be able to self-identify their interests and program of study in their specialized degree through selection of syllabi in traditional, classical and contemporary practices of art. Students are evaluated by a recognized system of art.

Tutors are practicing artists, professors, or adjunct faculty who are responsible for the instruction, training, teaching, catering and imparting of courses. The faculty provides guidance and direction to each student in their class environment and the studios will be opened for art practice for twelve hours daily. A personal tutor is assigned to each student in the seventh semester for producation of thesis in final semester of degree programe.

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